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Triggyhand is a simple, yet very effective tool for applying pressure to chosen points of your body without any help from others.

You can use it to rub your neck just as easily as you can put it to work to treat those nasty trigger points in your muscles that make your body hurt.

Or to hit an acupressure point if that' your thing...

In fact, any point on the body that you would like to press, it is easier to do it with the TriggyHand!

It is simple and intuitive to use and you don't have to apply any force of your own, just your body weight!

Usage examples
Usage Examples

Mounting Suggestions
Mounting Suggestions

Additional external info on trigger points...

- What Are Trigger Points (great video)

Usage Instructions

Why Triggyhand? (watch video)
  • precise, very on the point action;
  • muscles that are being worked on are relaxed;
  • precise pressure control controls experience of pain;
  • shorter side fingers enforce penetration limits;
  • change of the angle of the attack possible while in action;
  • utilization of own body weight enables effortless usage;
  • feels like being with a therapist, like not causing the pain to yourself;
  • wall mount makes the TriggyHand always easily accessible;
  • great design enables set-up in various environments at home, in office, in gyms, waiting rooms...

Great Price!
29,90 €!